May 3, 2020



Making an idea, concept, product, service into a tangible concept can be sometimes difficult for business and startups regardless it is important that you allow critical evaluation during this process as it forms the basis for your development.

 Identifying the goal of the business is an important step that must be settled before you continue any discussion regarding your business. It forms the basis for every other thing that concerns your branding; the name, the logo, your principles and your ability to persuade the target market. The idea of the brand name “Devland” was formed based on the aim of the business which is to assist in developing businesses and project management.

Having identified the business aim and name, the next step is to create a logo that resonates with the idea of your brand. For Devland, in relation with its aim which is brand development, we adopted the first letter of the brand’s name with this our logo cannot be misinterpreted or fitted for something else.

In marketing, the colour that represents your business has more effect the business than you think. It is important that you are critical and decisions based on the general interpretation and attitude of the general public to certain colours. Devland is represented by the colours orange, blue and a gradient of pink which are interpreted as success and balance, intuition and insight, and stability and reliability. Apart from the interpretation that your target audience has to this colours, they are also a representation of your values. This way before your consumer even contacts you, they already have an idea about some of the things you can provide.

The position of branding in effective marketing cannot be over emphasized as this tool acts as a medium of persuasion for your target market.