May 20, 2020



Every great product always has one important element at its core – ‘The Customer’. Great products are designed to solve real life problems. It’s amazing how something this critical is being neglected in a lot of Products being developed in this age. 

It is easier to build / create a product people actually ‘need’ than to create a product & start looking for customers for it. Great products always address pain points of the users, great products are birthed from a place of ’empathy’ – the ability to sympathize / feel the pain of your customers & then design to meet that need.

It’s amazing how we end up building products to solve our own cash flow problems rather than solving the pains of our customers.  Sometimes we even confuse our selves for our end customers & design based on our needs & not what the customer needs.

You will be surprised how little you know about your customer when you start paying attention to them, listening to them, studying them. A lot of times, the solutions are not found in what they said, its usually in what they didn’t say, their actions & their pain.

If you fail to listen to your customers, you will end up building solutions for problems nobody has.

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