We live life without filters by sharing stories of failure.

Join us on November 3, 2020


About Flawp Nights

The word “FLAWP” is a derived from the words “FLOP” and “FLAW”.

It speaks of failures encountered in business based on wrong assumptions, epic mistakes in execution capable of crippling business ideas.

FLAWPS comes with a unique approach towards failure, a perspective based on hope, people united dispelling the myths around failure by sharing uncut, never been told stories of their flawps.

Failure isn’t the end, it could be the start of something new. It’s dependent on your perspective

You are not alone! 

The best of us have failed at some point or the other.

Its time to Embrace the unknown, its time to embrace your ‘FLAWPS’

“It is failure that gives you the proper perspective on success”- Ellen Degeneres

Various stories will be featured on FLAWPS, unscripted conversations by people sharing their experiences on their path to success.

Failure should not be an anchor, it should be a launchpad to success.