September 28, 2020



The word FLAWP is a combination of the words flop + flaw. It speaks of failures encountered in business based on wrong assumptions, epic mistakes in execution capable of crippling business ideas.

FLAWP NIGHTS comes with a unique approach towards failure. A perspective hinged on hope, people united, dispelling the myths around failure by sharing uncut, never been told stories of their ‘flawps’.

“Failure should not be an anchor that drags you to the ground, but rather, a spring board that propels you into success”.

FLAWP NIGHTS parades an impressive list of top Industry Professionals sharing un-cut stories around the many failures they have encountered in the course of building and running their business.

FLAWP NIGHTS boasts of an impressive list of professionals sharing their stories for the month of October, 2020 which include

1. Obinna Ekezie – Founder,
2. Michael Idah – Partner, Capstone Venture Partners
3. Ogbo Awoke Ogbo – CEO Transformation Hacks

The first session of FLAWP NIGHTS will air on Thursday, 1st of October 2020 at 8:00PM WAT on Facebook, Youtube & a select number of people will be able to contribute to the live sessions on Zoom.

FLAWP NIGHTS will have established professionals across Africa sharing their stories of failure as a way to change the narrative around failure, igniting a change that will ripple across the entire continent.

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